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Prestige Photo also provides Niagara Real Estate Photography, Interior Design Photography, Hotel and Banquet Facilities Photography and many other clients who require top-of-the-line photographs to showcase their venues.

Many people who attempt this type of photography are humbled when they realize that real estate and interior design photography requires skills that include composition, lighting, development of the raw photo with specialized software, patience and a lot of practice.

The photographer must keep many things in mind when setting up these types of shots: Symmetry, light, framing and avoiding converging verticals (Slanting walls) all have to be in mind when composing interior design shots. Each of my real estate and interior design photographs are individually developed using hand-painting techniques and lighting that draws the viewers eyes to the most important details of the space.  

You've worked hard to create your environment, don't sell yourself short by using anything less than the best quality photographs that you can get! Contact Prestige Photo now and let's get your property the best exposure possible!


Niagara Real Estate Photography Rates:

Up to 2000 Square Feet: $200

2001-4000 Square Feet: $300

4001+ Square Feet: $400

Exterior Twilight photos: $100

Architectural Photography is available

for individually-quoted projects.

Niagara Real Estate Photpher                            Niagara Interior Design Photographer
Hotel/Resort Rates are determined using industry-standard pricing software that includes customized usage rights in the quote. See my gallery Here!